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Frequently Asked Questions

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Production Time

For whiteboard videos, the time is approximately 2 weeks or less depending on how many revisions are required by you. We usually complete the video within 12 days.

A typical turnaround time for 2D animation is 4 weeks. That timescale assumes fast client feedback at each stage; scripting, storyboarding and animation.

Work Process

Either you can write it or you can let us do it for you.

In order for us to write the script for you we need to know the following:

-Anticipated duration


-Key points to communicate

-Tone (humorous, serious, etc)

-URL if relevant

-Other additional information that would be important to know

No. All of our videos are custom made. Created from scratch from unique storyboards and animated using industry leading tools.


Please contact us for more details.


Sure thing. We can produce most types of videos. Any style. Any “look and feel”. Show us what you like and we’ll create a package for you.

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