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We are an Animated Videos Production Studio

Whiteboard Animation - Explainer Videos - Motion Graphics

Whiteboard Animations

Realistic, cartoonish or comic style.

Explainer Videos

B&W or Full Color

Motion Graphics

All Styles

We offer the BEST and HIGHEST quality Whiteboard Animations and Explainer Videos.

We can produce any style of animated video you require, taking care to evaluate your needs and create the most effective animation for you. We offer only custom videos i.e. we work with our clients individually and closely to understand their particular needs and requirements.

We believe in building long-lasting relationships and excellent business relations with our clients so we can never even think to compromise on quality. We guarantee that we provide you the best quality work and we will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the end results.

Trust us and let us work our magic!

Latest Projects

Here a few samples of our latest videos with different styles and techniques

  • All
  • 2D Animation
  • Explainer Video
  • Kids
  • Motion Graphics
  • Whiteboard/Classic
  • Whiteboard/Pemium

01- Planned Giving Video

Explainer Video, Motion Graphics

02- Gifts&Shops Video

Explainer Video, Whiteboard/Classic

03- Westforce Credit Union – Video 1

Explainer Video, Whiteboard/Pemium

04- GPCloud Video

2D Animation, Explainer Video

05- Cannaly Video


06- IRA Rollover Video

Explainer Video, Motion Graphics

07- Winture Video 2

Explainer Video, Motion Graphics

08- Luxexcel Video 1

2D Animation, Explainer Video

09- 4Safety Video 3

2D Animation, Explainer Video, Whiteboard/Pemium

10- Arthur Video

2D Animation, Kids

11- PSP Video / English Version

Explainer Video, Motion Graphics

12- Winture Video

Explainer Video, Motion Graphics, Whiteboard/Classic

13- Luxexcel Video 2

2D Animation, Explainer Video

14- Ash Video

Explainer Video, Motion Graphics, Whiteboard/Classic

15- Tiny Art Video 1

2D Animation, Kids, Whiteboard/Pemium

16- Leptibalance

Explainer Video, Whiteboard/Classic

17- Minimal Windows Stuttgart Video

Explainer Video, Whiteboard/Classic

18- HolzBuben Video

2D Animation, Explainer Video

19- Livlean Part 1

Explainer Video, Whiteboard/Pemium

20- CTCMA English Spot


21- 4Safety Video 3

2D Animation, Explainer Video, Whiteboard/Pemium

22- Prime People Video

Explainer Video, Whiteboard/Classic

23- Tiny Art Video 2

2D Animation, Kids, Whiteboard/Pemium

24- Livlean Part 3

Explainer Video, Whiteboard/Pemium

25- HerrGmbH Video

2D Animation, Explainer Video

26- Ruhrmedic Video 1

Explainer Video, Whiteboard/Classic

27- CTCMA Mandarin Spot


28- Ruhrmedic Video 2

Explainer Video, Whiteboard/Classic

29- Scheduling Institute Video

Explainer Video, Whiteboard/Classic

30- Livlean Part 2

Explainer Video, Whiteboard/Pemium

31- Cellulite Factor Solution Video

Explainer Video, Whiteboard/Classic

32 – Valores


33- Tiny Art Video 3

2D Animation, Kids, Whiteboard/Pemium

34- Trippy Video

2D Animation, Explainer Video, Motion Graphics, Whiteboard/Classic

35- PSP Video / Mandarin Version

Explainer Video, Motion Graphics

36- Livlean Part 4

Explainer Video, Whiteboard/Pemium

Work Process

Our Work Process includes:


We learn about you, your project&company. We analyze and write conclusions. Finally, we get to the core of your business.


You can provide us the script or you can let us do it for you. That explains it’s structure and what happens at each point in time.


You can send us the voiceover for your video or we can select the most suitable voice talent for your production and record it.


We sketch the scenes as well as the characters. We show the movement and transitions.


When we have all the graphics ready and the voice over recorded, we begin the animation process. We make the static move.


In the end, we add sound, music which is like dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. The motion suddenly seems more polished.

Happy Clients


``Imagic Videos are far the most talented animators I have ever worked with. Not only is the quality of their artwork absolutely ``top notch`` but these guys are a real professional team too. We worked together with an 5 hr timedifference, but not once did that feel like a problem. Messages were always answered promptly and there was always space for feedback which gave us a feeling of quality control. I would recommend Imagic Videos to anyone who needs animations for commercial purposes any time!”

Michiel Cremers - Online marketing manager - Luxexcel

``Marcelo and his team are amazing at creating whiteboard Doodle videos. I have created a handful of products that have done over 7 figures in sales. And while great sales copy is the most important part of making a whiteboard doodle video sell well, it's also critically important to take that sales message and transform it into a visually appealing story that can keep a viewer's attention. Marcelo does a masterful job at turning words into an engaging video with his whiteboard doodle video creations. I would highly recommend working with Imagic Videos.``

Brad Callen - Bryxen, INC

``Imagic Videos was beyond the call of duty to assist us in delivering this project. They communicated effectively and adhered to strict deadlines, despite delays in the project beyond their control, they worked additional hours to meet our deadlines. They were meticulous and took a lot of pride in their work, capturing our request with precision and delivering a successful end result. A++++++ Very happy to recommend Imagic Videos to anyone seeking such services.``

GP Cloud

``Imagic Videos is a VERY talented team, very professional. I would work with them again. And I would trust that they would deliver on time, on schedule and exceed my creative expectations.``

Trish Neufeld - Story Box Movies

``Another fantastic project from Imagic Videos. I always enjoy the work and the result never disappoints. From Imagic Videos expect, fantastic communication, excellent ideas, professional results and a pleasant transaction overall! Thanks so much!``

Eugene Severi - OUTCELL

“The final whitebaord video was completed in outstanding quality and exceeded our imagination by far. Imagic Videos consulted us in every step of the process with his professional insights and experience and completely overdelivered on every level. If you're looking for quality artwork and animation stop your search right now. You've found the best company for the job hands down!”

Daniel Vogler - Smaart - Social Marketing Architects

``Marcelo is an artist. He is an utterly exceptional talent and goes far and beyond to deliver the utmost quality possible. His passion for his work is evident in his outstanding creativity which truly shines in all his productions and his technical skill is second to none. What an absolute pleasure to work with! I can't recommend him enough.``

Ramy Farah

``We found Marcelo to be highly professional, extremely easy to communicate with and his work was just superb. We highly recommend Marcelo and will be working with Imagic Videos again.``

Vic Martick - Westforce Credit Union

Work With Us

We are constantly growing! We’re looking for 2D animators, motion graphics artists and illustrators. Please contact us and send us your portfolio.